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I Am and I Will Spirit Cards
by Joette Tizzone

There is something about the small and delicately beautiful packaging of the I Am and the I Will Spirit Cards by Joette Tizzone that makes them feel precious. I am immediately taken to a place of ritual and sacredness when I hold them in my hand.

Each box offers a set of 32 words to use with the statement: I Will… or I Am… The word selections are thoughtful and inspired. A sampling from the I Will set: receive, bloom, forgive, ask, and from the I Am set: open, powerful, divine, loved.

I drew one randomly from the I Will deck. I was stunned into silence. The word I chose could not have been more perfect; it spoke specifically to what I am working on with my coach. Coincidence maybe, but the impact was powerful.

Joette believes that the words we use have power and energy and she calls us to change ourselves in order to change the world. The Spirit Cards help move us in that direction. A treasured gift for any coaching client.

— Marcy Nelson Garrison, MA, CPCC,
Coaching Toys, Inc president

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