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Thank's so much for stopping by. More will be added, so please come again.

As an artist, all things right brain are my passions. I love being in creation, entertaining, sharing and helping others grow. I enjoy the mystery of life, the touch of Spirit, and living out loud. Learning and unlearning to allow the Divine to become manifest in my life, has been the true north of my existence. I try to live what I know to be true, always listening for the "more".

I feel that especially now, in this day and time, it is of great importance to foster the awareness of the Divine Feminine nature of God. While we need the balance of both male and female natures, I feel the Mother Energy, the Nurturer, is needed to heal this planet and this world. Patriarchy has had a heyday, and this imbalance has made a mess of things. The feminine nature of God needs to be embraced and embodied, as this will bring healing to us all.

Seed begets of it's kind. What we sow, we will reap. If we meet violence with violence, those are the seeds we are planting and is the fruit we will produce. Anger, hate, retaliation, are never the answer. These cannot heal. These cannot create safety, nor bring peace.

Love is what is needed always, in every situation.
Say Yes to Love. Love is where the power is.
The power to heal, the power to change, the power to bring us peace.

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I promise I will never overpost, flood your email inbox or share your information. I appreciate privacy and will always respect yours.

Many blessings to you and may you always feel the love that is ever present around you.


At the very cool boat hull sculpture on the Mare Island Shoreline Preserve Trail. Photo taken by my dear friend, Kathy Loh.

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